Fiat Lux!   Down Memory Lane in California
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The book Fiat Lux! describes my adventures and experiences in the Bay Area in California.

Back in 1976/77, I had the good fortune of spending a year and a half as visiting graduate student at UC Berkeley. This turned out to be the most challenging, but also pleasant period of my life.
35 years later, upon retirement, I decided to return, so as to relive and document this engaging stay of yesteryear, at the University, in the town of Berkeley, as well as the surrounding areas.
All of this is laid down in the book in 24 illustrated essays. Each essay is also accompanied by a gallery of 4-8 full page exhibition prints, to pay tribute to this most charming place on Earth.

To read the essays with pictures, in blog-format, just click on the icons to the left. But, to perceive the full splendor of my experiences you have to read the book! To give you an idea, a small selection of book spreads can be seen by clicking on the Cover Icon here below:

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