About me

Emil in Café Mediterraneum

There is not much to tell, I am afraid. I was born in a small village in south-eastern Austria, in the midst of a tank battle, so to speak. Details can be read at "Climb Every Mountain ...". After this turbulent beginning, I had a happy childhood and received an excellent education, although I had to move away from home for it.

I emigrated to Sweden at the mature age of 18. There I started to work in some of the classic writers' crafts: dish washer, assistant cook, gardener and window washer. This grew boring after a while, so I began to study at the University of Stockholm, with brief excursions to UC Berkeley (thereof the book "Fiat Lux! ...") and the Kiel Insitute of World Economics. After considerable time I managed a Doctor's Degree in Economics. The Thesis, completed only with the help of the Berkeley geniuses, dealt with information systems in public administration.

After (and during) my studies I held positions as assistant, assistant professor and lecturer in economics at the University of Stockholm. Having spent more than ten years there, I realised that applied science was more interesting than pure theory and I moved to occupations in the public sector. There, things started to getting interesting, with many challenges and revelations throwing themselves on me.

One of the highlights in my career is the position of Head of Financial Markets, which I held in Sveriges Riksbank during the Nordic Financial Crisis years. Before that, I was involved in the negotiations about the European Economic Area (EEA), as Senior Economist at the EFTA Secretariat. I finished my working life as Principal Administrator in the EU Commission, dealing with a variety of tasks. I am most proud of having been involved in the creation of a new European environmental law, the Environmental Liability Directive.

Upon my retirement, some years ago, I felt the need for changing track completely. Listening to my inner thoughts for a change, I envisioned myself as travel writer and photographer. Thought and done! Since then I had to learn the hard way a number of crafts, like digitial photography; book design; and internet usage. Up to date, there is not much to show for it, except some blogs and, of course, the books "Fiat Lux! ..." and "Stockholm/Brussels ...".

Don't hesitate to contact me!

View from Emil's balcony

Although I have been happily married in an earlier time, I am living, in my retirement, on my own in a small pleasant flat in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm. From the balcony, I look down on Hammarby Sound, the outlet from great Lake Mälar into the Baltic Sea. If I have nothing else to do, I can always observe, and take pictures, of the ships coming and going on the Sound. Since I am doing this rather often, I am even documenting my impressions in a blog ("Views from my Kitchen Window"). Why not have a look at the blog, where you can behold ever varying views of the Sound over the seasons?

I am always pleased to meet interesting people like you! It is easy to get in contact with me, all necessary details are listed in the footer of this website. For you non-Stockholmians, if you plan a trip to this beautiful "Venice of the North", make sure to let me know in advance. I would be pleased to treat you to lunch in my beautiful neighborhood, finishing with coffee in my apartment with a view. Why not buying the book at the same time and saving on the atrocious postage fees?

Those of you who live in Stockholm, even you may be surprised to see, how nice Hammarby Sjöstad has turned out. Just take the ferry "Emelie" from Nybroplan and I will await you on the quay "Luma", for lunch, coffee and a nice chat.

But there are other ways to communicate! I am a man who loves to give advice on all things on Earth. Whether you wish to know how to resolve the banking crisis threatening your country; how to design a good environmental law to prevent industry from destroying the environment; how to prepare color pictures for offset printing to make them sparkle; how to write an interesting blog and keep it going; …. I will always have firm answers to all your queries, even if I cannot promise that they are valid or even adequate! So don't hesitate to rush me an e-mail with your questions. I will be pleased to get to know you and respond with firm and ponderous advice!

Always at your disposal

Emil Ems in Hammarby Sjöstad