Fine Prints from the book Stockholm/Brussels!
I consider the book to act as an ordering catalogue for fine prints. Signed Artist Prints from pictures in the book will be prepared by myself on an Epson 3880 printer, with ARCHIVAL (non-fading) pigment inks on ARCHIVAL paper of size A3 (12x17 in). These Artist Prints are of a quality surpassing those in the book.
      For each order, I will produce a LIMITED EDITION OF 25. The price for the first two copies sold of each edition will be SEK 400 (€40, $40). The price will increase by 10% for each subsequent copy sold.
      The prints ready to order, as well as the editions already in production are shown below. They are designated by the book page where they are placed.
      For ordering, please click here: PRINT ORDER

Stockholm, ready to order
st004 st052 st055 st061 st063 st065 st068 st070 st072 st075 st078 st080 st082 st083 st084 st087 st089 st100 st102
Brussels, ready to order
br107 br108 br109 br110
Kitchen W., ready to order
Page 68   1 copy sold
Page 72   1 copy sold
Page 75   1 copy sold
Page 83   1 copy sold
Page 86   3 copies sold
Page 87   3 copies sold
Page 88   1 copy sold
Page 89   1 copy sold
Page 100   1 copy sold
Page 106   1 copy sold
Page 107   1 copy sold
Page 132   1 copy sold
Page 142   1 copy sold
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