Stockholm/Brussels:  a retrospective
                                                     in fine prints
Genteel Decay
The Citizen
The Photographer
Title Page
The Book Stockholm/Brussels provides a rare insight into the inner life of a European migrant, who spent the bulk of his working years in Stockholm and Brussels.

Emil Ems is a retired public servant and academic with a long and distinguished career in Swedish and international administration behind him. He emigrated from Austria in his late teens, and has lived abroad ever since.
    In his book he presents four short text essays about his life, written in an engaging style worthy of an experienced author.
    But above all, he proves himself as a proficient photographer, with a rare selection of fine prints in black/white from the two capitals, taken during the author's spare time over a period of forty years.

"Even if time has come for retrospection, I am at a loss of words to describe my life and inner self. I am not a poet to forge metaphores germane to the task; nor am I a painter or a composer. I have only my prints to tell my story. This will have to do!"

To read the text essays, just click on the Chapter Icons to the left. But, to perceive the full splendor of the author's experiences you have to read the book! To give you an idea, a small selection of book spreads can be seen by clicking on the Book Cover Icon to the left.