Fiat Lux! is for sale!

Permit me to welcome you as a fellow bibliophile to this page! Isn't it nice to dig your nose into a new book and smell its vanilla flavour? To be able to see text and pictures in the format they should be appreciated in? And to look forward to a valuable addition to your collection of fine books in your library?

Now is your chance to get hold of the book!

The book comes in two versions:

The Softcover Edition: It costs SEK 300 in Sweden, € 40 in Europe and $ 40 Overseas. Postage is free outside of Sweden.

A Hardcover Collectors' Limited and Numbered Edition (only 50 copies): It costs SEK 800 in Sweden, € 80 in Europe and $ 80 Overseas. Postage is free.

Please click on the Form Icon to the right to order the book!

Emil signing Fiat Lux!
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