Hi There!

  • I am pleased that you have discovered the website for my book, "Fiat Lux! Down Memory Lane in California". The book describes my experiences from revisiting Berkeley, UCB and the San Francisco Bay in 2010, 35 years after my first stay as a young student. The book took me fully two years to produce. This is my life's project, probably the last I will ever complete (I am much older than I look at the portrait to the right).

  • No need to buy the book! Once a month, I'll put a new Chapter of it on this site for your benefit. Just click "Chapters" on the menu bar (or on the word here) to look for it. I hope you will have as much fun reading it, as I had experiencing the real thing.

  • If you are reluctant to wait 24 months to read it all, you can instead take a look at my blog at emilems.blogspot.com.

  • If that proves unsatisfactory and you would like to know more about the book itself, just click on "Book" on the menu bar to get into the ordering mood.

  • In case you wish to hang a picture from the book on your living room wall, this can also be
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  • If you want me to live a bit longer and/or die happy, please click on "Comments" and put some nice
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Cordially yours, Emil Ems